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No-one knows if Mr M has a wife, but they all know he has a mistress.

You might have seen her around Windsor…

Dark shades catch the light,
The setting sun is her dawn
Time to have some fun.

Her name is Yukie, and she is Mr Miyagi’s; or rather, he is hers.

Behind every successful man is a powerful woman, as the saying goes, and Yukie is no exception. A fiery woman from the urban sprawl of Tokyo, she is more used to making rules than following them.

Rumour says that she left Japan to explore the World and escape the growing pressure to settle down and have kids, a sentiment that was shared by Mr M.

She now hangs around the back of Mr M’s restaurant, sipping on a Mai Tai or her signature ‘Hello Kitty’ sour, staring out into Artist’s Lane.


Yukie’s Snack Bar is the latest extension of Mr Miyagi’s on Chapel St. The bar has a strong feminine feel, different to that of the masculine restaurant up front. The refreshing simplicity of the interior design lends to the practicality of Japanese homes. It’s the “more” in Mr Miyagi’s while really being the “less is more”.


Polished wood and stone all reflect the eerie glow from the neon signs, which bathe the bar in a constant twilight.

mr miyagi moon

What really gives the place its ambiance however is the large street mural of Yukie just outside the central window. Which paired with the afternoon sun creates quite the scene.

seating space

The bar has been a long time in planning, however the owners and staff wanted to do things systematically so that they could get each element right before moving on the next. A perfectionist himself, that sounds like something Mr Miyagi himself would say.

In line with the Japanese theme of the restaurant, most of the cocktails use genuine Japanese spirits, the likes of sake (rice wine) and shochu (traditionally distilled rice, however the sort used here is a special blend made from corn – delicious!).

There is something to be appreciated about Japanese spirits; they hold a middle ground between wine and western spirits (like whisky or vodka). Following the sentiment that less is more, the simplicity of sake (being just rice and water) is one of the reasons why it brings such a unique flavour to the drinks.

bar with people

Yukie’s mix of modern and traditional elements blend perfectly with the 90’s – early 00’s music. The choice of nostalgic hip-hop, RnB and pop music gives the bar a boppy energy. No doubt you’ll find yourself kicking back and unconsciously grooving along!


If there is one thing I can say about the cocktails at Yukie’s Snack Bar it is that they are unique, in the best way. From white chocolate and sake foam to vodka infused mint leaves, each cocktail has some interesting twist that brings a new sense of ‘wow’.

The drinks are designed to bring a complete sensory experience; it is all about how you feel when you first see the drink, and when you first taste it. Each moment is part of the affair.

martini silhouette

Cold drip martini

Little Drippa Cocktail Coffee, shochu (made with corn), Mozart dark chocolate & Bevadere Vodka. Garnished with a warm white chocolate and pure rice sake foam. The contrast between the thick warm foam with the cold body of the drink will mess with your senses.

cold drip espresso martini sq

River Mint Smash

House infused vodka, Monin mandarin syrup, lime juice & soda. Garnished with dried river mint from the local market. Refreshing and sweet to begin with, but changes flavour as you drink it.

rivermint smash sq

Watermelon Martini

Tanqueray Gin, apple flavoured sake, freshly pressed watermelon juice, hibiscus syrup & Pomme Verte apple schnapps. Garnished with faux olives (Midori infused watermelon balls). Sure to grab the attention of those around you; a real show stopper.

watermelon martini

Mr M’s Mai Tai

Sailor Jerry’s Spice Rum, Ume Shu – Aragoshi (plum wine), Banana du bresil (cognac infused banana liqueur), Monin Orgeat syrup & mango puree. Thick and fruity, the strong mango flavour has a subtle banana aftertaste.

mr m's mai tai sq

Hello Kitty Sour

Belvedere Vodka, Paraiso Lychee liqueur, Pomegranate syrup & lemon. Topped with fluffy egg white foam. Sweet and playful, this devilishly good looking cocktail is sure to bring about an “I’ll have what she’s having” response.

hello kitty sour sq


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