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TRU Organic Vodka Range

Organic Alcohol. No, I’m not kidding.

The fact is that the further we go forward into the future, the more demand for organic in general. Consumers are simply becoming more educated and conscious about the impacts of modern farming, so the organic movement is rapidly growing.

For most of us, what comes to mind when we think about organic is simply the raw foods we eat, but it’s more than just fruit and veges. Many industries are seeking out alternative, more sustainable raw materials and ingredients to use in processed consumables, as well as innovating new production processes that reduce their ecological and social footprint in the process of making them and distributing them.

Who would have thought that alcohol would be one of those industries? Yet I’ve stumbled across one company, which has cracked the code on organic spirits.

The things that I love about this: a) the innovation; b) the ethics; and c) the purity, simplicity and quality of the vodka.

Truly Organic & Pure

TRU Organic Vodka is the World’s first 100% certified organic liquor brand.

Produced by the World’s largest distiller of organic spirits [distributed in Australia by High Spirits Beverages], TRU Vodka is hand made using the highest quality organic ingredients and the most innovative distilling techniques.

With a commitment to holistic environmental sustainability, the policy is carried right through from production to packaging to distribution to marketing, using:

  • Patented distillation practices that reduce energy and resource consumption;
  • Recycled and recyclable materials;
  • Light weight bottles that weigh 20-30% less in order to reduce carbon emissions during transport; and
  • A tree planted for every bottle sold to maintain a negative carbon footprint.

USDA Certified Organic  tree planted  eco friendly packaging_logo

The product line offers Original Organic Vodka and three flavoured organic vodkas – Lemon, Vanilla and Organic Garden, and they are all quite outstanding!

  1. TRU Organic Vodka: clean, light and crisp with a smooth, well-rounded finish
  2. TRU Organic Lemon: fresh and zesty with a true lemon flavour and nose plus a subtle floral finish
  3. TRU Organic Garden: herbacous with hints of dill, fennel, coriander, thyme, cumin, vanilla, mint, celery and pink peppercorn
  4. TRU Organic Vanilla: sweet and floral on the nose with a delicate vanilla and hazelnut flavour

The TRU Organic range also has a gin.

TRU Range

Unlike other flavoured vodkas that use artificial flavours and multiple distillations, TRU Organic Vodka is made by hand and single distilled for maximum purity.

The grain used in TRU Vodka is 100% certified organic American wheat. Flavours are added by infusing the vodka using a unique patented process. For 24 hours over a 2-month period, the natural flavour is infused into the vodka by running the liquid through stainless steel nets containing the organic ingredient responsible for the flavour profile, i.e. lemon, vanilla bean or garden herbs.

The result is a clean spirit, perfect for martinis and other vodka cocktails. The flavoured vodkas have a subtle, natural flavour and are nice enough to drink neat.

The complete TRU Organic Vodka range is available through the High Spirits Beverages online store.

Why Organic? Why the Fuss?

The organic movement has been around since the early 1900s as a response to industrial agriculture and the long-term affects of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers on human health and the environment.

wheat - green 2

It has gained momentum over time with deepening concerns over climate change and impacts on social welfare – contaminated water systems, compromised farming communities and serious health issues due to toxic chemicals in the food supply.

Organic farming techniques are based on naturally occurring biological processes that emphasise environmental sustainability, as well as food safety and nutrition.

In contrast to conventional farming, organic production concentrates on air and soil quality, water conservation, renewable resources and energy efficiency. Fertilisers and pesticides are natural and organic crops are not genetically modified or engineered.

The result is a slower growing crop and an increase in manual labour, which provides more job opportunities and support for local communities.

But don’t think this organic agriculture business is just a return to the simple old farming days. It is highly specialised and combines traditional farming practices with intense scientific knowledge and modern technology.

It is also highly regulated on international and local levels with many countries having their own standards used to govern the production methods used in organic agriculture, the end product and its marketing.

Boutique brands like TRU are responding to a growing global demand for organic products and staying true to their values of sustainability, innovation and quality. It makes for a very interesting spirit.

TRU Organic Vanilla Vodka

Out of the four in the range, I chose to play with the TRU Organic Vanilla. I found this one most fascinating because I use vanilla vodka a lot in my sweeter cocktail recipes. However, this is very different to other vanilla vodkas.

To get the vanilla flavour in TRU Organic Vanilla, they hand macerate fresh vanilla beans and infuse the vodka with the natural flavour over two months, where other vodkas have artificial flavours, syrups and essences in them. The result is quite different – more natural and not sweet.

TRU Organic Lemon and TRU Organic Garden are also very beautiful vodkas; however, my impression is that getting the flavour profile through the maceration and infusion process may not be so complex as with the vanilla. Another reason it is my pick of the range.

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