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A unique little gem tucked in at the legal end of town, The Brass Coq defies the concept we all have of Vietnamese dining. Leave your Victoria Street experience at the door and expect a definite edge.

A menu that is both classic and contemporary, the eatery – cocktail bar hybrid is bringing true Australian-Vietnamese cuisine from the family kitchens to the table. It’s a style that includes the historical influence of the French Colonial era that shaped Vietnam’s diverse culinary culture throughout the French Colonial era.

In an exciting twist, some of the authentic home cooked Vietnamese dishes are paired with cocktails, while others are paired with local wine. In keeping with the Vietnamese concept of balancing tastes between sweet, savoury, sour and salty palates, the team will carefully design a progressive dining experience of ‘Viet-tapa’ paired perfectly with drinks that complement in flavour and mouth feel.

Distressed brick walls, hanging plants, a fireplace and slate floors lend a rustic French farmhouse feel to the downstairs dining area. Huge mirrors add a little glamour and sense of space, while the communal dining table highlights the sense of sharing and family underpinning the central concept of The Brass Coq.

TOQ-communal-dining-table TOQ-dining-area

Climbing the stairs to the cocktail bar, the edgy feature wall painted by urban street artist Elm Street makes an instant impact.


TOC-upstairsThe cocktail bar is warm and homely with deep green chesterfield lounges and armchairs, a working fireplace, fresh leafy plants and marble-topped tables. Available for hire as a function venue, the space is flexible and can be configured to suit the theme.

Making a concerted effort to stand out in an area that is overrun with pubs, hotels, strip clubs and sports bars, the team behind the venue have stocked the bar with premium spirits, boutique beers, whisky and a solid list of cocktails.

From the 5pm corporate crowd to local residents and foodies, The Brass Coq has been creating an impression. Whether it’s the laid-back vibe created by the passionate friendly team or the old-school R&B – hip-hop soundtrack, it works. As we found out, you simply do not want to leave.


A seasonal cocktail menu focused on fresh seasonal fruits and spices, the bar is in sync with the kitchen. However, from the deeper, spicier flavours of autumn and winter to the refreshing, fruity flavours of spring and summer, the cocktails at The Brass Coq have a Vietnamese twist.

Saigon Mary

The Brass Coq’s own Vietnamese bloody mary. Tabasco and Worcestershire are substituted with sriracha and fish sauce, which is mixed with a peppercorn and coriander infused gin for an extra umami taste. Served with a celeriac salt rim, and garnish of house-made beef jerky, lemon and fresh chilli.

Served with a fresh, light and crunchy Gỏi Gà (chicken and cabbage salad), this was the perfect brunch time duo. The two complemented perfectly with the cocktail bringing a definite heat to the overall taste and experience.

Saigon Mary

Oriental Margarita

Fresh grapefruit infused with tequila, Cointreau and yuzu juice – a Japanese citrus fruit resembling a tiny grapefruit.

The pungent Oriental Margarita was served with a dish of seared tuna with beets, the sweetness in the beetroot and balsamic balancing out the sour of the cocktail, and the hint of chilli of coriander adding the savoury.

Oriental Margarita

Spiced Mango Caiprinha

Mango and spices shaken with cachaca and lime. The lightly torched cinnamon stick and star anise garnish release a wonderful acrid scent that matches beautifully with the sweetness of the mango. This cocktail could be paired with the hot and spicy claypot prawns.

Spiced Mango Caiprinha

Watermelon Ball

A house-made Watermelon RTD is a surprising and brilliant idea. Pressed watermelons are combined with vanilla vodka and wild tea syrup, carbonated and bottled in-house. Sweet, refreshing and packs a serious punch, it was a great option to pair with the claypot prawns.

Watermelon Ball


Mon-Thur 11:30 am to 3 pm + 5 pm to 11 pm | Fri 11:30 am to 1 am | Sat 5 pm to 1 am

470 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

I always wake up at the crack of ice.
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