Cocktails made with cherries

Mister Bitters | Mister Bitters | Melbourne Cocktails

Mister Bitters

This story begins with my fascination with bitters – those intriguing little drops bartenders add to cocktails. My interest peaks 

Less Than Zero

Commercial Rd South Yarra has certainly transformed from the gay hub it was during the 1990s and early noughties. The 

Whisky Sour | Recipes | Melbourne Cocktails

Recipe: Whisky Sour

I’m celebrating 2000 followers on Instagram this week. My 2000th follower, @whiskybrothers, threw up a challenge and asked me to 

Flaming Mai Tai | The Rum Diary Bar | Melbourne Cocktails

The Rum Diary Bar

Hunter S. Thompson, an American writer turned Gonzo journalist [a style of writing in which the author is the protagonist