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I’ll be honest, when the name for this cocktail came to me, it was the rum in the name Rumpelstiltskin. But me-being-me I couldn’t just name a cocktail after a nursery rhyme and not give it some serious thought.

So before I committed to the name for this week’s Hump Day Happy Hour, I reread the fairytale and considered the moral of the story. As it turns out, the meaning behind Rumpelstiltskin really fits this cocktail, and I’ll tell you why…in three words…Fair Trade Rum.

I’m a huge supporter of the fair trade movement. Not that I only buy fair trade – I’m not that radical – but like most conscious consumers, if I find out that a company has a poor ethical record, I will avoid it. In the reverse if I find a brand that has strong social or environmental values, I’ll do what I can to switch to it.

Now, here’s one of those products…


Yes, FAIR. That’s the brand name…


FAIR RumThe World’s first fair trade certified rum. It is made from hand-harvested sugar cane produced in Belize on the eastern coast of Central America, south of Mexico and east of Guatemala, in the Caribbean.

The sugar cane is grown using certified organic farming practices and is purchased through a co-operative that represents the local farming community and negotiates fair trade conditions that ensure farmers receive a fair price.

Shipped to France, it is then distilled in the French cognac region, aged in American oak barrels for five years, true to the typical Caribbean style rum is best known for.

FAIR Rum is a premium spirit – awards and everything! And it’s really delicious – dark, smooth and mapley with chocolate, oak, vanilla and ripe banana.

The Moral of the Story

Ok, back to the point…

Basically the moral of the story is don’t lie, don’t be greedy and don’t do dodgy deals. Just like fair trade!

Cocktail Recipe


  • 45 ml FAIR Rum
  • 20 ml Campari
  • 45 ml orange juice, freshly squeezed, strained
  • 20 ml lime juice
  • 30 ml sugar syrup
  • Dash of Angostura bitters
  • Ginger ale 45 ml
  • Garnish: slice of orange, slice of lemon, slice of lime, and a sprig of mint.


Add ice cubes and all ingredients except bitters and ginger ale to shaker. Shake to mix and chill. Strain into large glass over a large ice block and add dash of bitters. Garnish.

  1. To make sugar syrup, add ½ cup caster sugar to ¼ cup boiling water, stir til dissolved and cool
  2. Slap mint to activate before adding at end
  3. Recalibrate measures for a punch bowl or share jug

Rumpelstiltskin 2


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