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As an invitee to a friend’s Christmas gathering, I was put in charge of cocktails … surprise, surprise. I’ll admit my knee-jerk response was: but doesn’t everyone just drink champagne at Christmas??? After a horrified “No!” was thrust back, I was crystal clear that as sure as the cranberry sauce on the turkey, Christmas done the right way must have a delicious mixed drink.

Speaking of turkeys, for us Aussies Christmas is perhaps the only day of the year that the traditional roast is served at lunch. A roast dinner is a winter thing and would usually be accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine. To top it off, the weather forecast was 33C degrees so thirst-quenching liquids were an imperitive.

The day must begin with champagne cocktails for the mandatory pop and bubbles. We’d then move on to something red and luscious, but also refreshing.

Red Sangria is the perfect summer, fruit punch. It’s earned an unfortunate reputation for shenanigans and hangovers, but if made well, the Spanish red wine punch doesn’t have to mean regret the next day.

The number one mistake is assuming that with Sangria anything goes. Cheap red wine is a big no-no – that stuff will give anyone a headache any day. Made with care and quality ingredients, Red Sangria makes a lovely batch cocktail for any occasion.

red sangria christmas table


  • 750ml fruity, medium-bodied red wine (Tempranillo or Sangiovese)
  • 100ml orange juice
  • 60ml brandy
  • 60ml triple sec
  • 60ml cinnamon syrup
  • 2 cups chopped/sliced fresh fruit, e.g. apple, berries, cherries, orange, lemon, etc.
  • Soda water (or lemonade if you’re a sweet tooth)


Add chopped fruit, triple sec and orange juice to jug. Pour in red wine.

red sangria fruit red sangria pouring

Cover and refrigerate over night.

Dispense into glasses, add ice and top with soda water (or lemonade) to serve.

sangria recipe cocktail


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