Recipe: Negroni Lamingtons

Negroni Lamingtons | Negroni Week 2015 | Melbourne Cocktails

When I was asked to get involved in Negroni Week I just knew I needed to do something truly original. With the campaign stretching to Australia for the first time, an Aussie theme was a must. Plus after last year’s creative submissions, a simple cocktail just would not do.

The afternoon tea of cake & cuppa would have to be one of Australia’s defining cultural customs. And in the cake world there’s nothing more Aussie than the lamington. It’s as Aussie as meat pie and sauce.

Cooper & Milla’s Armadale

High Street Armadale is best known for its bridal stores. But tucked between the wedding dresses and designer couture is a quanit little country-style foodstore and cafè. It’s impossible not to stop as you pass their shop window filled with mouthwatering delights.

Inside, amongst the oversized sausage rolls, meringues and slices, you will find their famous giant lamingtons. The soft and fluffy treats are their speciality. So who better to help make this idea come together than the team at Cooper & Milla’s Armadale.

[For more on Negroni Week and my cake & cuppa, click here.]

Step 1: Negroni Jam

lamingtons - jamIngredients

  • 250 ml Campari
  • 250 ml Maidenii Sweet Vermouth
  • 250 ml Four Pillars Gin
  • 600 gm caster sugar
  • Zest of ½ an orange
  • 3 tsp pectin


Add all ingredients to pot. Place on stove on Medium heat. Bring to boiling point stirring, and then reduce to Low. Simmer for 10 minutes or until syrup is reduced to approximately 500 ml. Transfer to cold ceramic dish, stir in pectin and place in fridge overnight.

Step 2: Sponge


  • 125 ml butter, softened
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 whole eggs, beaten
  • 1 ¾ cups self-raising flour, sifted
  • ½ cup milk
  • 2 cups desiccated coconut


Preheat oven to 180 C. Add butter, sugar and vanilla to mixing bowl and beat til light and fluffy. Add eggs to mixture gradually, beating. Add half of flour to mixture, stir to combine. Add milk, stir to combine. Repeat with flour and milk. Transfer mixture to lined 22cm x 30 cm lamington tray. Place in oven and bake for 30 mins (or when skewer comes out clean). Remove from oven and stand for 10 mins. Turn out onto cooling rack and remove greaseproof paper. Set aside to cool overnight.

lamingtons 1 sponge tray lamingtons 2 sponge paper

Step 3: Toasted Coconut

lamingtons 13 coconutIngredients

500 gm shaved coconut


Preheat oven 180 C. Spread coconut over baking tray. Place in oven and toast for 5 mins or until golden colour. Set aside (or keep in airtight container) til ready for use.

Step 4: Assemble Sponge


Cut sponge through centre, diving in half. Face middle of sponge upwards Using ruler to measure cut lengthways down the centre into 2 x 11 cm x 30 cm rectangles.

lamingtons 4 cut sponge layers lamingtons 5 measure squares

Spread jam over both sides. Join top and bottom half together.

lamingtons 6 jam centre pouring lamingtons 9 sponge with jam centre

Slice off outside edges. Using a ruler to measure cut rectangles into 3 large squares. Then cut large squares into four small squares.

lamingtons 10 trim edges lamingtons 11 cut squares

lamingtons 12 large squares lamingtons 14 cut small squares

Step 5: Chocolate


  • 500 gm dark cooking chocolate
  • 250 ml milk


Add milk to pot. Place on stove on High heat. Bring to boiling point. Remove from heat and add chocolate. Whisk to combine.

lamingtons 16 chocolate lamingtons 17 milk

lamingtons 18 milk chocolate lamingtons 19 milk chocolate stirring

Step 6: Coat Lamingtons


Dip sponge squares into chocolate to coat. Roll in toasted coconut. Set aside in fridge overnight.

lamingtons 20 chocolate dip lamingtons 21 chocolate dipped sponge

lamingtons 22 coconut dip lamingtons 23 place on tray

Step 7: Enjoy

Serve with a Classic Negroni or Negroni Spiced Tea. [Click on images for recipes]

tea-pouring---insta Classic Negroni 2


Cooper & Milla’s Armadale had so much fun making the Negroni lamingtons for Melbourne Cocktails, they’ll be participating in Negroni Week from 1st to 7th June. $1 from every lamington or Negroni sold will go to Very Special Kids.


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