Recipe: Jamaican Vibe

This week, something called The Appleton Rum Trail will kick off in Melbourne. Those that attend the event will hear about the history of Appleton Estate and the rum production process, as well as the captivating Jamaican culture from which it springs.

Since 1749, Appleton Estate has been producing rum using an end-to-end production process, from agriculture to distillation to bottling. It’s the oldest sugar cane estate and distillery in Jamaica.

Located in Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, the lush, fertile land means that the rum producer is one of only a handful that can claim a “terroir”. This terroir means that through its unique set of weather, soil and geographic conditions a certain quality is transmitted to the raw materials, which in turn imparts a unique quality to the rum.

At Appleton Estate, distillation begins with the selection of the finest sugarcane from the Estate grounds, and the collection of water from the Estate’s limestone spring. Then, after being distilled in copper pot stills, the rum rests in 40-gallon American Oak barrels in their aging house, which imparts a vanilla flavour and a smooth, distinctive character.

And to think it’s not even these facts that I find most impressive about Appleton Estate and it’s Jamaican Rums. It’s the fact their distiller, Joy Spence, happens to be the first woman in the World to be appointed Master Blender!


If you fancy sampling Appleton Estate rums and trying some signature rum cocktails, while tasting Jamaican food in a Jamaican style vibe, you should check out The Appleton Trail.

The Appleton Trail

LOOP Roof: April 7-10th

Rochester Hotel: April 14th and 15th

Nieuw Amsterdam: April 22nd and 23rd


Meanwhile, I’ll be warming up with my latest cocktail creation. Yum!

with ingredients


  • 45ml Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Jamaican Rum
  • 30ml Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
  • 30ml Cloudy Apple Juice
  • 10ml MONIN Chai Tea Syrup
  • 10ml fresh lime
  • Garnish: sprinkle cinnamon powder and apple fan


Add ice cubes and all ingredients to shaker. Shake well. Strain into tall glass. Add ice cubes and top with crushed ice. Garnish.



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