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Classic Margarita

It’s the middle of summer and Melbourne’s in a heat wave. To the rest of the world that would mean consistently hot temperatures under a relentless, drenching sun, so it would figure that the beach or the pool is the best place to be. But for Melbourne, with its reputation for perfect one minute, hail storm the next, you must be ready for climatic surprises.

38 degrees stiflingly hot and sunny and I’m considering heading to the beach for some relief when out of nowhere – BAM! To my astonishment it starts bucketing down in a Monsoon like afternoon storm resembling something from tropical North Queensland. The temperature doesn’t even drop one degree! I feel sorry for the shocked and drenched beach goers that didn’t see it coming.

Time to Radio Mexico

Radio Mexico launched on the scene in 2012 gaining cult status quicker than Melbournites could say hola amigo!

Authentic Mexican food, fresh ingredients, good service and relaxed ambiance, a great bar menu with Mexican beers and 100% agave tequila, as well as cool Mexican cantina theme styling, these hombres not only had an excellent concept they executed it perfectly.

Radio Mexico_cy2

Now, Radio Mexico is the spice in St Kilda’s food culture and arguably Melbourne’s best taqueria.

Margarita O’clock

How do you know it’s Margarita time? It’s 5 p.m. Happy Hour and hot ‘n stifling has become hot, stifling ‘n sticky.

  • Margarita time
  • Time to Radio Mexico

I consider the Margarita one of the most refreshing cocktails. Made with tequila, lemon juice, limejuice and sugar syrup, this simple ingenious classic was invented in the tequila capital of the World, Mexico.

Radio Mexico_mg2

¡Salud y pesetas!

Open Mon-Fri 5pm to 11pm | Sat – Sun 4pm to 11pm

13 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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