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Quirky Ferdy

A quirky laneway bar off Lonsdale St, Ferdydurke is a small loft-style space decked out with eccentric posters, exposed bricks and beams, large windows and an open fireplace.

Ferdydurke Melbourne | Melbourne CocktailsCurious to find out what inspired its kooky style, I researched Ferdydurke to find the name dates back to a surrealist novel published in 1937 by a Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz. Now the Eastern European references and propaganda begin to make sense.

Enter off Tattersalls Lane and follow the random wall posters and art up two short flights of stairs to this unique Melbourne bar overlooking Lonsdale St to the North and Section 8 bar to the South.

Oddly, the cocktail list is short compared to other bars and mostly very sweet, but an interesting selection of Ferdy originals, making this one of Melbourne’s hottest bars for something a little different.

I tried the:

Madame Bovary – cognac, lemon, elderflower & lillet blanc served martini style. This unusual blend of flavours delivers an interesting mix of zesty citrus and soft floral, finished with the warmth of the cognac and the sweetness of the desert wine. Points for creativity!

And the:

Calvados Smash – apple brandy, dark rum, Montenegro, maple syrup & lemon juice, served lowball over ice and garnished with fanned apple slices. This is one impressive looking cocktail, but in terms of taste it’s not one for you unless you’re a real sweet tooth.

For the less adventurous, Ferdy’s cocktail bartenders will also adapt to specific tastes and mix the classics on request. Renowned for mixing an excellent Vesper, their martini skills are up there with Melbourne’s best.


239 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Open 7 days, 12 p.m. til 1 a.m.

“I’ve never understood people who just go out for one drink. Once I have one drink, I want all the drinks.”
– Vicki Lesage, Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

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