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Oriental Teahouse Teas

This little gem started as a small Asian teahouse on Chapel Street in South Yarra. Started by iconic Melbourne restaurateur David Zhou, who is probably most famous in Melbourne for David’s, an award winning Chinese restaurant in Prahran, which serves up traditional Shanghai cuisine (highly recommended). Oriental Tea House was aimed at creating an everyday accessible dining experience.

Today there are four Oriental Tea Houses dotted around Melbourne. Serving delicious dumplings and yum cha style dishes with a side of tea. An amazing selection of teas from black to white; and fruit to signature blends, all available to taste in-store and take home, the delicious aromas and pretty colours are a delight to the senses.

2014-12-19 19.07.10I heard they had tea cocktails, so I went along for the experience. Unfortunately, the cocktail list left a lot to be desired, literally. I was greatly disappointed by the missed opportunity as I saw such potential for an amazing cocktail menu featuring all those lovely teas. Ho-hum. Rather than allowing myself to be defeated, however, I bought two types of tea and headed to the home bar to see what I could create.

Pimms Vanilla Iced Tea

Pimms makes the perfect cocktail share jug, particularly ideal for garden parties. The traditional Pimms cocktail is made with lemonade, mint and slices of lemon, orange and cucumber. But Pimms is one of the most versatile mixers, especially for summer tipples and makes a great summer cocktail. It goes particularly well with iced tea and the flavour combinations you create are limited only by your imagination.


  • 700ml Pimms Original No.1
  • 700ml ginger ale
  • 700ml chilled vanilla tea
  • Fresh fruit: roughly 10 lychees (peeled), 5 figs (quartered) and 20 cherries. Plus 4 cinnamon sticks.
  • Ice


Pre-prepare a strong batch of tea – 1tsp per 200ml of boiling water. Steep and cool at room temperature, then chill in the fridge til you’re ready to use it.

Fill the jug to about 1/3 with fresh fruit and cinnamon sticks. Add Pimms, Ginger Ale and Tea to jug and gently stir with a long cocktail spoon.

Serve with ice. I prefer to add ice to the glass rather than the jug to avoid diluting the cocktail.


Tip: try preparing it an hour ahead to allow the fruit and cinnamon flavours infuse.

Tea Tale


  • 30ml vodka
  • 30ml Chambord
  • 10ml fresh lime juice
  • 50ml chilled Raspberry & Lime tea
  • Ice


Pre-prepare a strong batch of tea – 1tsp per 200ml of boiling water. Steep and cool at room temperature, then chill in the fridge til you’re ready to use it.

Add ingredients to shaker. Shake well to chill. Strain into coupe glass.

Tea Tales_1

Yes, you have found heaven.


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