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Flaming Caribbean Colada | The Nelson St. Kilda | Melbourne Cocktails

Caribbean Colada

It makes perfect sense that Melbourne’s most famous beachside suburb would have a rum bar. Everyone knows that rum is the customary spirit of the maritime. It’s always been the booze of choice for seamen, with plenty of legend involving sailors, pirates and rum. So too, think holidaymakers sipping on Pina Coladas while lazing on banana lounges, dreamily awing over Caribbean sunsets.

Cocktail Bar | The Nelson | Melbourne CocktailsIt’s been just 3 months since The Nelson opened and it’s not just Jed the cocktail bartender that’s attracting a steady clientele. An impressive list of premium rums from around the globe, as well as a good selection of wines by the glass, beer and good food, The Nelson is a place to meet, relax and catch up with friends.

St Kilda’s newest bar has quickly become a favourite amongst locals. With no shortage of pubs and beer on tap in St Kilda, but an increasingly cultured and stylish crowd moving into the area, the bayside suburb needed a good cocktail bar with friendly table service. The Nelson delivered.

The bar takes its name from one of Britain’s most heroic figures, Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, a leader of the British Navy who was shot and killed during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson’s body was transported back to Britain in a drum filled with rum and on his arrival was transferred to a coffin lined with the spirit. Lord Nelson’s legacy lived on with sailors giving Cheers to Nelson’s blood whenever they drank rum.

Ships Lights | The Nelson | Melbourne CocktailsAnd the nautical theme continues… Salvaged pier pylons, distressed walls painted in turquoise, white and gold; ships lanterns; rustic iron details; a galley like booth; timber stools and benches; recycled leather and a giant octopus wrapped around the wall.

Remember the Beatles song, “Octopus’s Garden”?


Rum Bar | The Nelson | Melbourne Cocktails

Passion Tek

This pretty cocktail has a lovely, sherbet-like tang. Chilled and refreshing, sweet and sour, fun and fresh, it’s the perfect hot summer evening cocktail.

Passion Tek | The Nelson | Melbourne Cocktails

Plantation 3 Star Rum mixed with grapefruit, vanilla, passionfruit and lemon.

Caribbean Colada

This cocktail will impress the pants off you, firstly with its pungent fruity scent and then with its flaming garnish – a passionfruit casing filled with overproof rum and alight on the top of its marshmellowy froth. Sensational.

Caribbean Colada | The Nelson | Melbourne Cocktails

Plantation 3 Star Rum and overproof, pressed pineapple topped with coconut water and a flaming passionfruit.


56 Acland St, St Kilda

Open 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm Tuesday to Friday & 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm Saturday to Sunday

“May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced and your compass be true.”
– Danny Taddei

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