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What is it you think of when you hear South American Festival? Is it the music, the atmosphere, the spectacle or the street food?

Next Sunday, Melbourne hosts its second annual Meyer’s Place Latin Fiesta and the laneway spills over for one of the most colourful events on the city’s calendar. After last years crowd of 4000, the festival is expecting double the attendance. That means double the festivities and double the vibe.

The brainchild of Renee McConnell, Director of San Telmo Argentinian Bar & Restaurant, the festival was inspired by annual treks to Argentina and her favourite event, San Telmo Markets in Buenos Aires.

In its 20th year, the fair and flea market, Feria de San Telmo, is held every Sunday in and around Plaza Dorrego. Attracting a sea of people to the cobblestone streets, the market offers an array of unique artisan crafts, antique stalls, buskers, street food and outdoor tango on the street. The vibe is electric. Renee’s dream has been to bring that sense of Latin America to Melbourne.

This year, five of the laneway’s venues are involved, including San Telmo, Mr Big Stuff, Lily Blacks, Loop Project Space & Bar, and Loop Roof. Plus the event welcomes rum brand Bacardi as the festival’s official sponsor.

Lily Blacks_Bacardi_tropical fruit

Bacardi Cuba Libre

Each venue will be serving Cuba Libre, the classic South American rum & cola cocktail, as well as signature cocktails created especially for the day.

Originating in Cuba, this classic cocktail is mixed with rum, classic cola and lime. Although the specific origins are not known, legend has it that the Cuba Libre was invented in 1898 during Cuba’s War for Independence when American soldiers introduced the country to Coca Cola. “¡Por Cuba Libre!” was the battle cry that inspired Cuba’s victory and later became a toast to the newly freed Cuba.

Loop_cubra libre_3

Mr Big Stuff

This Southern American restaurant & bar will be showcasing the South American influence on the flavours of the Deep South. Expect a live D.J. playing soul music to compliment soul food.

Enjoy delicious cocktails with sumptous street food, such as pulled pork sliders, fried green tomato sliders and jerk chicken wings, all dished up in the laneway.

Sangria Blanco

A Sangria Blanco (white sangria) will be added to their usual cocktail list of signatures like the BB King, Kool Aid and Long Island.

A fresh and fruity creation mixed with gin, white wine, passionfruit, strawberry, house-made sirop de citron (lemon syrup), and chopped fresh fruit.

Mr Big Stuff_ Sangria_1 Mr Big Stuff_Sangria_3

San Telmo

The Argentine themed restaurant and bar brings South America’s heart and soul to Melbourne. The venue is renowned for its Argentinian food, wine and culture. Showcasing all the best of Argentina and Buenos Aires, from the rich, warm interior to the Latin beats.

San Telmo will add a Caipirissima and Cuba Libre to their cocktail program of Fegroni, El Toro, El Patro and the like. Originating in Brazil, the Caipirissima is the rum version of the popular Caipirinha. Enjoy with Argentinian street food such as the traditional steak sandwich with chimichurri.


A fresh and zesty coctele mixed with Bacardi white rum, lime and panela, topped with crushed ice.

San Telmo_Caipirisima_2 San Telmo_Caipirisima_3

Lily Black’s

Lily Black’s is a Melbourne institution amongst the cocktail set. An avant-guard, art deco bar that pays homage to the Pre-Prohibition era of the cocktail, Lily Black’s is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a bitters display resembling an old-world apothecary, the focus is on true mixology and libationary experimentation, all in the name of fun and mischief.

As well as the compulsory Cuba Libre, Lily Black’s will serve three spectacular daiquiris and a sangría roja (red sangria).

Tropical Daiquiris

In keeping with the tropical flavours in the Bacardi rum, Lily Black’s daiquiris will be mixed with fresh watermelon, pineapple or strawberry, plus the usual Bacardi white rum, simple syrup and lime juice. In keeping with the Lily Black’s ethos of using bitters in their cocktail profiles, they will also have Mr. Bitters Honeyed Apricot & Smoked Hickory in the Pineapple Daiquiri, Mr. Bitters Fig & Cinnamon in the Strawberry Daiquiri, and Mr. Bitters Grapefruit & Agave in the Watermelon Daiquiri. Delicious!

Lily Blacks_Daiquiri_pouring_1 Lily Blacks_Daiquiri_2

Mescal Sangría Roja

Their second cocktail is sweet and smoky. Mixed with mescal, bourbon, sherry & red wine, orgeat, cardamom bitters and grapefruit.

Lily Blacks_Sangria_1

Loop Project Space & Bar

This unique, industrial venue is not unaccustomed to a festival; Loop Project Space & Bar has an exciting cultural program that regularly features live DJ’s and bands, special screenings of art-house films, multimedia and art installations, exhibitions and creative forums.

Next Sunday, the art space will hold latin dance classes from 1pm to 6pm. Enjoy the music and dancing over a cocktail or two.

Old Cuban

The Old Cuban is super fresh, sharp and on-point South American spritzer, mixed with Bacardi rum, lime, mint and sugar, then topped with Prosecco.

Loop_Bacardi_2 Loop_Old Cuban_1

Loop Roof

After the climb upstairs you’ll be ready for a cocktail or two in the rooftop oasis. Enjoy the view to the north with an easy-listening soul and blues soundtrack. This hip garden and gallery is a great place to kick back in a fun rustic setting with outdoor tables and chairs, the space set in constrast to the CBD backdrop.

In partnership with Latin street food truck, La Revolucion, Loop Roof will be dishing up an array of South American, street food delights. Enjoy with the venue’s signature cocktail creation, the Grand Mule or one of their many other amazing cocktails off the menu.

Grand Mule

Zesty and ultra refreshing, the Gran Mule is mixed with Bacardi rum, Grand Marnier, lime juice, grenadine and Angostura bitters, then topped with ginger beer for fizz.

Loop Roof_Grand Mule_pouring_2 Loop Roof_Grand Mule_2

Win This!

Enter the event’s official competition to win an exclusive dinner party for four. The lucky winner gets to share this incredible experience with three friends, attending five of the best venues in Meyers Place in one night! Click Here to Enter.


Open: Sunday 11th October 2015, 11am to 6pm


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