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Tequila has long been a staple behind most bars and is world-renowned for kicking off parties. In fact, it was North America’s first distilled drink. But where it used to have a reputation for cheap shots and bad hangovers, the spirit is shaking off the wild folklore and entering a new era of quality and sophistication.

Unlike other distilled spirits, Tequila has a history that dates back over 1,000 years, and it’s a history as interesting and tumultuous as it’s birthplace, Mexico.

Before the Spanish invasion in 1519, many native peoples lived all over Mexico, growing and harvesting natural produce. This included blue agave (agave azul), the plant from which Tequila is made.

The agave plant has been elemental to human civilisation for millennium. Used for clothing, rope, mats and paper, as well as food, the agave plant is harvested for many purposes, not just Tequila.

Dulce Vida - blue agave

The name Tequila has many translations including “the place of harvesting plants”, “the place of wild herbs” and perhaps most interestingly, “the place of tricks”.

Mezcal, the grandparent of Tequila is even more misunderstood than Tequila itself, just recently shifting the stigma of its relationship to the psychedelic drug mescalin. But its ties to an illicit world have lent Tequila many crazy myths, from hallucinogenic to aphrodisiac properties, to pickling live scorpions.

So is the fascinating World of Tequila.

Cultivating Perfection

Since entering the market 6 years ago, Dulce Vida has already made its mark. A high proof, organic spirit sweeping the board with awards, Dulce Vida is at the forefront when it comes to Tequila’s new positioning.

Dulce Vida is made the traditional way with a hand in the process from the growing of the agave, to the bottling and labeling. Nothing is left out and no short cuts are taken. The result is a pure and perfect spirit, the way it’s traditionally meant to be.

The certified organic blue agave is grown in the Los Altos highlands in the Tequila region of Mexico. Famous for its unique climate, the conditions grow a larger, fruitier agave that is perfect for making Tequila. The plant is left growing in the Mexican soil for 8 years before being hand harvested at its peak of ripeness.

Jimadors trim the huge leaves of the plant very close to the pina (the heart). This eliminates any “off-flavours” or bitterness in the final product. Other companies that buy their plant, rather than growing it themselves, tend to miss this important aspect.

Dulce Vida- The Pinas

These huge agave pinas are slow-roasted the traditional way for 20 hours to turn the plant’s carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. Bitter extracts are removed, leaving a sweet and deep aroma.

Next is the all-important open-air fermentation. After milling and washing, the resulting liquid “must” or honey water, is added with yeast to aid fermentation at ambient temperatures. Rather than adding heat to speed up the process, Dulce Vida takes their time, allowing the flavours to develop naturally.

Heart of a Spirit

Dulce Vida’s Master Distiller, Carlos Jurado, performs the art and science of triple distilling to produce “The Only USDA Organic 100 Proof Handcrafted Tequila in the World”.

A Tequila aficionado, Jurado has years of experience creating perfectly balanced Tequila. Through scientific measurement, he can pinpoint the “heart” of the spirit, leaving behind the unwanted “heads and tails”, as summed up by the brand’s tagline, “100% Tequila, 0% Bullshit”.

Dulce Vida has three key products in its range – Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.

Dulce Vida - products

Perhaps the most unique point about the Dulce Vida production process is the aging of two spirits from the range. Aged in old American Bourbon Whiskey barrels, the Reposado and the Anejo adopt a honey colour and deep, complex aroma. This balances out the delicate, botanical flavour of the agave. The Reposado is aged for 11 months, the Anejo for 24.

Dulce Vida - barrels

Each individual bottle is filled and labelled by hand. Given that they create only small batches, each is labelled with the batch number to differentiate between batches.

At each stage of production, Dulce Vida takes care to ensure maximum quality. And it’s this level of quality that has made it the World’s most awarded Tequila.

Ye Taketh, Ye Giveth Back

Aside from their production prowess, what makes Dulce Vida different?

The company has a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability.

Partnering with the local community, any waste from production that yields nutrition is given back to the local farmers for use as a soil supplement. Additionally, the methane gas produced during processing is captured to reuse as a renewable energy source that powers the plant.

A beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit is a beautiful combination.

Dulce Vida Reposado

After aging in bourbon barrels for 11 months, the Reposado is sweet and woody on the palate and the nose. A lovely smoothness makes it perfect to drink neat and in my opinion it rivals a good Scotch whisky. It is also the perfect base for cocktails.

Dulce Vida - Reposado


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Distributed in Australia by Luxe Wine + Spirits. Available at Dan Murphy’s Online.

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